Travel Information



Daily flight from Paris to Douala. Two flights per week from Brussels to Douala/Yaounde or from Paris to Yaounde. Once in Cameroon, you have the following possibilities to get to your final destination...


Domestic flight from Douala/Yaounde to Garoua or Ngaoundere a city about 230 Km from the camps, which means, four hours driving trip. Approx. fare: €350 round trip.


Charter flight from Douala to Lokomo. Fare depends on the number of passengers sharing the flight. Normal cost for this share would be €3500 per person round trip. About two days drive from Douala (coming from Yaounde is a better option) to camp - Car fare: €3000 round trip.


You could either charter a flight from Garoua to Lokmo or Kika for €15.000, or take a domestic flight from savannah, stay over night at Douala and take a shared charter to forest. A host will always assist clients on their arrivals/departures to any of the Cameroon airports (Douala, Yaounde, Garoua, Ngaoundere, Bertoua, Moloundou or Kika).

If needed, domestic and chartered flights can be reserved for you through our company, but you should give us 30 days advance notice.

The company is not responsible for any flight cancellation or charter fare change.

Charter flight cost could be shared with other hunters in order to reduce the cost. We will try coincide your arrival/departure date with other hunters dates, so you could take the charter together.



The following documents are required by our office at least a month before the safari:

  • Photocopy of your passport
  • Photocopy of the visa for entrance in Cameroon (Enquire at the Cameroon Embassy in your own country)
  • Photocopy of your rifles import permit (Enquire at the Embassy)
  • Medical certificate stating that you are in good health and are fit for hunting
  • Six passport photos of the hunter

Yellow fever certificate/ vaccine is required by the Cameroon Government Preventative malaria medicine is recommended


Cameroon law allows the importation of two rifles and one shotgun per hunter. There is a limit of fifty bullets of ammunition per rifle/shotgun.

Depending on the animals that would be hunted, we recommend:
Forest: Most of the time you will shoot at a distance of not more than fifteen/twenty meters, but with some bush vegetation between you and the animal. We recommend one big calibre (375 or minimum 416 for elephant), looking more for the grains of the bullet than for the speed. A scope is not needed. One shotgun is necessary to hunt duikers.

Savannah: The best option is the combination of two rifles: a 300 calibre and a larger option, 375 calibre or more.


Forest: At least three complete dark green hunting outfits (long trousers, long sleeved shirts) and a light raincoat are recommended. Leather gloves, leggings and glasses to protect you from vegetation and insects. Two pairs of Gore Tex hunting boots and one pair of light shoes for the camp. Gore Tex socks are recommended.

Savannah: A couple T-shirts, long trousers for hunting and shorts for staying at the camp, good boots and during the early season, a light coat for the early morning. Don’t forget your sunglasses, a hat/cap, a torch, camera and your light-weight pair of binoculars. We have daily laundry services at the camps.