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Hunt in the wild African rain forest! Be surprised by elephants and gorillas! Follow the tracks of the majestic Lord Derby Eland in the savannah! Go for a unique and unforgettable hunting experience with Mayo Oldiri, the leader in Cameroon hunting!

Let us introduce you to "Mayo Oldiri Safaris" with two kinds of truly African hunts: forest and savannah. Since 1997, we have been offering outstanding hunts, starting with our first savannah camp "Mayo Oldiri", and later with "Mayo Nduell", "Mayo Vaimba" and "Djibao". Our savannah areas are located in the North of Cameroon, between the National Parks Boubandjida and La Benoue. You can expect to run into the famous Lord Derby Eland as well as a herd of elephants, Western roans, North Western buffalos and a lot of different antelope - species you can only find in very few countries throughout Africa!

In our forest areas, you can find an incredible number of bongos and forest sitatungas with the best quality trophies. Are you looking for outstanding forest elephant or the challenging dwarf buffalo? Our concessions are your place to go! We also offer forest duikers and giant forest hog. Today, we have several forest camps: "Boumba" (North, South & West), "Lognia", "Lokomo", "Covaref" (1 & 6), which is bordering two National Parks, namely Boumba Bek and Lokomo in the Southeastern corner of the country.

As a reference, Mayo Oldiri is happy to name very famous international hunters such as Peter Flack, Craig Boddington, Jim Shockey, Mike Rogers, Bela Hidvegi, Dennis Campbell on our list of clients, as well as Weatherby award winners such as Hector Cuellar, Alexander Egorov, Federico Sada, José Madrazo, Rene Snider, Ed Yates, Kennet Barr, to name a few.

We are the biggest hunting company in Cameroon with more than one million ha of hunting territory. Therefore, we have more trophies and can provide better success than anybody else - as hunters can move from one area to another during their safari, looking for the best opportunities due to the fact that some camps are better suited for some species then others. The savannah season goes from Christmas to mid-April, with the best time for eland in the early season.

The forest season goes from April to end-July, with any time being good as this is the rainy season.

Mayo Oldiri Safaris has been running an active and efficient anti-poaching program for FIFTEEN years, which has also created awareness surrounding villages and schools. The villages that have collaborated with us in this program have received help from our part and also from our clients (e.g. school, educational material, medical assistance etc.).

In 2012 we created an association called "Mayo Rey Conservation". It's objective is the conservation of the natural resources in all the areas bordering Boubandjida's Park. This association is indeed special as it brings together the traditional authority represented by the Sultan of Rey Bouba, the management of Boubandjida's Park, the Department of Environment, represented by the Conservation Service of the Park, and Mayo Oldiri Safaris, who has five hunting areas in the sector.

Furthermore, Mayo Oldiri is a founding member of the Mayo Rey Hospital Foundation. We have taken part in the creation of a Hospital in the Rey Bouba area. Since 2011 it is open to the public for a small symbolic fee, providing services of several clinical treatments, including surgery.
"Mayo Oldiri Safaris" guarantees you hunting opportunities to shoot the animals you are interested in. Excellent food, comfortable camps and very able and courteous staff are awaiting you!


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